Friday, September 17, 2010


That word, "misunderestimation," popped into my head yesterday as I have been listening to the expressions of shock and dismay from the establishment Republicans over the O'Donnell primary victory on Tuesday.  President Bush was ridiculed for many malapropisms and "misunderestimated" was one of them.  We knew he meant "underestimated," but what he said was "misunderestimated."  Everyone had a good laugh. 

The establishment Republicans ranting about losing Mike Castle come under the same category in my mind, i.e. comic malapropisms.  The implications of the establishment Republicans' "misunderestimating" the frustrated anger of the public was what struck me as tragically funny.  I would be laughing if it were not so indicative of all that went wrong after the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress.   I want to say to Charles Krauthammer, "are you that far into the weeds that you can no longer see the public? Can you not see a sincere and enthusiastic uprising against just the sort of "moderate" RINO Republicans you are suggesting we keep voting into office to our dire detriment???"  Surely, that is the problem.  Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer are missing the point of the biggest wave of voter anger in our lifetimes.  It makes me wonder if Republican political strategists are no smarter than the academic ideologues on the left.  The underlying message Rove and Krauthammer have put out there are twofold; One is 'the voters be damned.'  The other is exactly the message of the leftists which is, 'the Constitution be damned as long as we can make backroom deals in the bowels of Congress out of the view of the stupid voters.' 

Rove, the Architect, has been hanging out with POLITICIANS, and evidently not hanging out with real people out here. He is buddies with politicians who work the lobbyists to their own benefit and create laws based on lobbyists desires, while at the same time working on their campaign coffers instead of the United States' budget problems.  His frustration over losing Mike Castle said so much to the American people.  

And as much as I like Charles Krauthammer on most counts, I was very disappointed to see him go down the same road as Rove.  I think, on Krauthammer's side of things, he is taking a globalist view of politics and forgetting that the American public are not interested in playing the "globalist" game of who can create the most debt.  We've had it out here.  We aren't going to sit here and watch Mike Castle vote for Cap and Trade and just yawn and say, "Oh, well."   It's our lives they are playing with, our livelihoods at stake, our existence in peril.  Et tu Charles Krauthammer?

So Rove and Krauthammer "misunderestimated" the will of the people to fight back against the "establishment" Republicans.  Yes, Americans are fed up and truly despise the Obama administration and the Pelosi / Reid congress.  That is a given.  It's the American disgust with the Republican RINO factor that these guys are "misunderestimating."  Did they think Mike Castle's vote for Cap and Trade was O.K. with anyone in the conservative camp?  Did they think we liked Lindsay Graham's amnesty ideas?  Do they think we are happy with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins?   Do they think we just won't notice the votes as Reid puts his Dream Act amnesty plans into the Defense Spending Appropriations Bill, expecting Republicans to just vote right along with the Democrats? Catch that here  "The way the DREAM Act works, it would become an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill. A vote on the act is supposed to happen on Tuesday of next week, although it is not currently clear if it is expected to pass." Wise Politics  

Using the Defense Bill to sucker votes for amnesty is just plain wrong.  They have gotten away with it for years.  It's time to stop them.   If any Republicans vote for this monstrosity they are RINO's and are just as bad as the Dems when it comes to voting for poison in the apples.  I think Reid is using tactics that the left has used for years, throwing poison into bills and then blackmailing Republicans into voting for the bills.  Americans don't want backroom deals on the left or the right. American don't want lobbyists throwing money around at campaign coffers and skewing any sense of representational government.  We really don't.  We want this insanity stopped. 

So, Karl and Charles, this is the crux of the matter: We are through playing into the hands of our destroyers.  I hope the two of your will figure that out and get on board.

If it weren't so sad and infuriating, I would be laughing at the malapropism of "misunderestimating."  I am hoping Americans who are now involved with taking the country back will have the last laugh.   But it isn't so funny when two respected Republicans admit to their roles in the "ruling class" and admit to "misunderestimating" the Americans who are working so hard out here to save the country.

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  1. I stumbled acroos your blog today. I too am passionate about politics and the direction our country is headed. A major issue bothers me as another election looms on the horizon, that is the 'us vs. them mentality.' (Democrat vs. Repuplican or Conservative vs. Liberal.) Conflict resolution revolves around working together to an end that is better for all, not finger pointing or standing on a soap box blaming the other guy. Along as each party continues to blame the other little to nothing will be resolved in Washington or our state capitals. I live in the bankrupt state of Illinios. Listening to the news is almost comical as neither party is willing to address the issues, afraid that their political careers will be ruined. I have adopted a campaign slogan of my own, although I'm not running for any office,'Reelect Nobody!' How can things get any worse than they are already.

    I could keep rambling but I won't. Thanks for your writing and informing people.