Monday, October 4, 2010

NO PRESSURE - 10 10 Society Video

Some of my former friends refused to believe that the Global Warming ideology is a scam.  They refused to believe that people would create such a hoax for power and money.  Some of them just swallow every leftist viewpoint because it is under the Democrat Party umbrella.  Some of them think they are such good people because they are "saving the planet," though these former friends' lifestyles haven't changed and they still drive their SUV's and fly all over the planet.  None of them do any research on the subject, but rather they just listen to sound bites and swoon over the 'saving the polar bears and alligators' tripe.  None of them are walking or riding their bicycles to the grocery. 

This post is for them.  They do not know they are playing on the devil's playground.  I'm sorry for them, but I am also hoping they will wake up before it is too late for all of us.  When the smart grid devices are forced upon your house, and manipulated inflation makes your wallet too small to buy necessary goods, when windmills take over all of our prairies and farmland, when young people are taught the ends justify the means,  when our youth has nothing but bleak and dire life ahead, when you wake up everyday with the realization that the planet is still here and your stupid compact fluorescent light bulbs didn't make any difference whatsoever, when Ezekiel Emanuel's / Obama's  "complete lives system" starts eradicating the aged and infirm in our society,   ......then will you shake your heads and ask, "Where did we go wrong?"  People who are sucked into a scam are often too proud to admit they've been scammed.  "Pride goeth before the fall."

The ad above was created to show to children.  You cannot watch this ad without knowing who our enemies are.  These people would kill us all in the name of "Saving the Planet."  Except they think they will be saved and then have the planet to themselves without the rest of us slimy, nasty, blights on Earth.  And there lies the sick joke.  Who do you think they are saving in the end?  And what do you think this ad teaches children?  It's O.K. to blow away anyone who disagrees with you?  What a great message for our next generation. 

Below is a list of the companies and NGO's supporting and funding the ad.  Notice Sony is one of them. The ad was produced in the U.K.   After the hew and cry went up against the ad, the 10 10 Society tried to pull the ad from the airways.  But not before it went viral on the internet.  I'm showing it here for those who have not yet seen it and are unsure of how vile the environmentalist Marxist movement has become.


Eaga is the UK’s largest supplier of heating and renewable energy and is at the forefront of the low-carbon economy
Kyocera Mita is a leading provider of environmentally friendly printing and copying solutions. Read all about their involvement here


O2 is the UK’s leading provider of mobile phones, broadband and SIMs. O2 is partnering with 10:10 as part of its Think Biginitiative and will be selling 10:10 Tags in its shops across the UK


Sony is one of the world’s leading digital entertainment brands, with household names such as VAIO™, Cyber-Shot™, BRAVIA™ and Walkman®. Sony is sponsoring 10:10 to support its staff’s efforts to go even further on carbon reduction

Sony website

More sponsors below, or click: HERE

The Ashden Trust

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Wates Foundation
Wates Foundation website
The GD Charitable Trust
Jam Today

The Guardian

National Magazine Company


Leading over 1,000 schools on the way to 10%

Campaign for greener healthcare

Indefatigable decarbonisers of care, and coordinators of the 10:10 Health programme

Carbon Trust

The last word in organisational carbon reduction

Degrees Cooler

Supporting 10:10 universities and colleges
Energy Saving Trust
Purveyors of peerless carbon-cutting advice for individuals and families
The Great British Refurb
Helping you live in a low-energy home that’s more comfortable, cheaper to run, and massively reduces your carbon emissions

The broadband channel for environmental films

Olswang LLP

Keeping us out of jail, free
People and Planet
Keeping 10:10 students ticking over

Public Interest Research Centre

Climate policy superheroes whose work inspired our 10% target and the Lighter Later campaign

Pure360 Email Marketing Solutions

The email marketing geniuses powering our supporter mailouts
The Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) brings together a diverse range of local, national and international organizations and social movements in a bold and effective initiative to mobilize civil society and galvanize public opinion to avert catastrophic climate change and support the adaptation efforts of communities most affected by climate change, through national and international policies, corporate commitments and individual actions. The GCCA and 10:10 Global are working closely together around the Global Day of Doing, 10:10:10.
10:10 has joined forces with – who last year pulled off 5,200 climate protests in 181 countries – to coordinate the biggest-ever day of local climate action, on 10th October 2010, also know as 10:10:10. Find out more about 10:10:10.
Climate Neutral Network
The Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) is a high profile platform for companies, civil society organizations, cities, and even states, to present to the world their strategies for reducing their carbon footprint. Through an interactive website, and regular networking events, CN Net is a dynamic forum for exchanging knowledge and sharing practical experiences. Participation is free.
GreenMyParents is a revolutionary program to help young people teach their peers and parents how to work together to seed the green economy, earn over $100 at home for their family, and save the Planet through simple, everyday actions. From Earth Day 2010 to Earth Day 2011, GreenMyParents Champions will recruit 1 million youth to save over $100 million through energy efficiency and conservation as part of the “$100MM Kids Campaign.
GreenMyParents and 10:10 Global have united forces to spread the word about how to cut down on carbon emissions to the youth of America.

Good Planet is a foundation created in 2005 to raise public awareness of environmental protection and to bring concrete solutions to the Earth’s ecological crisis. The foundation is chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. GoodPlanet is rolling out 10:10 in France.
Solarcentury is the UK’s largest, independent solar company and a trusted supplier to government, industry, schools and thousands of homeowners.
Do Something
Do Something aims to create positive social and environmental change. Jon Dee and Do Something! are rolling out 10:10 as ” The 10% challenge” in Australia.
WiserEarth helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances. Since its 2007 launch by visionary environmentalist and author, Paul Hawken, WiserEarth has expanded to represent 112,000 organization in some 250 countries and is currently available in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish
2degrees, is the world’s leading community of practice for sustainable business which provides peer-to-peer problem solving, innovation and knowledge sharing services to its members. The 7,000 plus sustainability practitioners who make up the membership (growing at about 400 a month by invitation or application only) are organised into working groups to provide focus on issues that are important to them.
Four Years. Go
Four Years. Go. is not just another organization. It is a growing coalition of organizations and individuals with deep commitments to producing a transformational shift for humanity—one that sets us firmly on a path to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future—within the next four years. Make your declaration now at

Waterfall Survivors
Waterfall Survivors was founded in July 2008 to explore, preserve and clean-up polluted waterfalls in Malaysia. In 2009, Waterfall Survivors joined with to mobilized 350 participants for their “Save Our Waterfalls” campaign.

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