Friday, October 1, 2010


The real impact of the upcoming election is to find out how much power we, the electorate, still have.  NGO's (non-governmental organizations) have been set up to regulate without our authority, the government at all levels has ignored our Constitution, global and corporate power brokers have usurped our authority, Congress has become a bad joke, academics with no practical experience are imposing ideologies we don't believe in, crises are being manufactured in order to manipulate the public, etc.  It is a very different place in which we find ourselves.  The question remains: Can America survive this?  Is this moment in history a perfect storm that will destroy America?  Or is this the moment in history when Americans take back their own legacy of freedom and prosperity?  Are there enough Americans aware of their own precious legacy to even understand the weight on their shoulders?

For decades now, while the American public school system has been dumbing down students and using them for social engineering laboratories, academics in universities have been concocting a globalist, socialist, ideological view that is antithetical to the foundations of our country. The 'ruling class' academics think of themselves as above the ordinary American.  They think they are bigger in brainpower and understanding of the complex world we live in.  Through their arrogance, they believe they know better than the average American voter.  

Democracy to the 'ruling class' is a weapon to fool people into thinking they have some say in matters, but in reality to divest people of a real say in government.  That sounds like a dichotomy, but if you look at the inferior choices we have had in past elections, and the melding of corruption in both major parties, you can understand that dichotomy.  Most countries of the world do not have primaries where citizens can put themselves in position of being elected.  Most so-called democratic countries have power structures which choose who will be elected or not. 

We are fortunate in our country to have primaries, where our citizens elect candidates for political offices.   Yet, when it works to elect candidates the people want, as it did in this past primary season, look how the 'ruling class' elitists howled at and ridiculed the people's selections.  Look at the media hysteria over Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, for instance, who is going up against a devout and admitted Marxist.  The people in Delaware chose O'Donnell over a Republican who voted with Obama on most of the big government socialist programs.  Republicans rejected Obama's agenda and voted to put up a real conservative against a Marxist.  It's a clear choice in Delaware, thanks to the people's voices.  But the 'ruling class' booed and hissed. That is just how far left the 'ruling class' in America has gone. 

This is a telling moment in our lifetimes.  In this election and the next, we are about to find out if we are in charge of our own destiny, or if we are pawns of a broken system created by 'ruling class' elitists who could care less if our Constitution survives or not.  We are about to find out if NGO's  and socialists are going to continue putting us on the "Road to Serfdom," taking away every last vestige of our liberties, or if our American spirit will prevail.   We have the burden, the privilege, and the blessing given to us by our Founding Fathers to give it our best, and hopefully not, last shot.  

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