Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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There is now so much money being thrown at it, and so many politicians across the globe in on the take, that getting the truth out to the mass public on the fraud of "Climate Change / Global Warming is going to take monumental efforts. The massive dissemination of lies is beyond any scam that the world has ever seen.

Think of the perfect scam to pull in every citizen of every country.  What would it be?   Now think of something that effects everyone on the planet? What would that be? Go deeper. Think of something that effects food supplies and water supplies.  What would that be? Hmmm...maybe the world's climate?  Pick a substance in the natural science of the world that every living thing needs to exist and demonize it. What would that be?  Let's pick CO2.

Now, how could we control every living person on the earth? Create a crisis. What kind of crisis? How about creating a lie that people are ruining the planet by creating CO2, accuse them of killing the planet.  Convince them of this, not by real scientific facts, but by manipulating data and creating fictional graphs. How would you convince scientists to promote your lie?  You would offer them government and U.N. grants to prove your crisis. Scientists love money just as much as the next guy, plus they want money to fund their experiments at universities. Further, you can use every natural disaster to back you up.  An earthquake in Chile?  Must be too many cars on the roads.  A hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico?  Must be too many factories.  A tornado in Kansas?  Must be too much dust from cattle farms.  An oil rig blows up?  It must have happened because people use machines that use oil.  A glacier melts and freezes again?  Must be too many pieces of bacon on the breakfast plate.  A tornado in Arkansas?  Must be those incandescent light bulbs people use. Floods in Pakistan? Must be the temperature of people' houses. From now on, every single event on the earth is due to who?   People.  People are to blame.  Your neighbors are to blame.  Industries are to blame.  The United States is to blame.  Australia is to blame.  Europe is to blame.  Dumb people are to blame and are wrecking the planet for the Royal Wizards of all things Environmental who want to be paid for the people's stupidity.

So what do you to with all of those shameful, thoughtless, stupid, and horrible people? You figure out a way to control them and make their lives miserable so they will no long proliferate on the planet. You take away their choices of light bulbs, regulate their thermostats, regulate factories out of existence, keep farmers from irrigating their farms, force car manufacturers to make electric cars, make them pay for giant windmills and solar panels, tax them for everything so they can't live in relative comfort.  Make them pay for their transgressions against the planet. The Wizards of all things Environmental will reap the financial rewards of controlling all of these people, who are now so indoctrinated with the lie,  they will pay you, the Wizards, to punish themselves. They will buy the whips and chains and regulations and devices of control for you to use against them.

In order for a scam to work you only need three components. A lie, a person or persons to tell the lie, and useful idiots to believe and become proponents of the lie.

The perfect scam would be to make people pay you to make their lives miserable.  Wizards are very clever.  And once they get power, they don't like giving it up.  The useful idiots who buy the lies are often so prideful that they can't admit they were duped.  This creates a self-perpetuating lie that is difficult to stop.

Responsible environmental stewardship is a valuable thing to teach our children.  Telling them lies which will ruin their lives to make some very evil Wizards rich is a travesty against our children and I believe is child abuse.

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