Thursday, January 3, 2013


I haven't had a bug for a long time, so maybe I was due.  At any rate, I have managed to contract the flu.  Luckily, you can't catch it from me by electronic taking my few good moments today to write.  If I make no sense, you can blame it on influenza weakness.  The other thing is, I am seriously considering going "Galt" in my own way.  I find myself preaching to the choir.  While I cherish my friendship with my good blogger friends and sharing our information, I am not seeing a major shift in the knowledge base of the country.  My original intention in writing this blog was to share information that would educate those who really have no clue about what it means to be an American.  Over the past four years of writing, I have to conclude that those who wish to know, already do. Those who don't care, still don't care.  Maybe it's the flu talking, but at this moment I have to say I need to focus my energies on things less futile.   

I'll write today....but not as much or as often going forward.

2013 begins......and things look bad to worse. 
Nations come and go.  Economies flourish, flounder and collapse.  Life is ephemeral.  It has always been so.  Makes you wonder.  If life is a morality tale, playing the same things over and over again, why are people not learning the lessons?

The climate changes.  It always does.  There will be people who prey on other people's ignorance.  As Father Time and the Baby New Year ring in 2013, global economics are desperate for most, thanks to very lame leadership.  America is on the downhill slog owing to decades of socialist corruption.  Congress is fighting with those who would save the day for the sake of keeping the well-heeled rolling in clover.  (I'm tempted to say, "These Are The Days Of Our Lives.")

In the history of the world there have been predatory people who cook up schemes to win advantage over other people.  Read some history of World Civilization and you will see recurring themes on economics and survival, on governing policies, poverty and wealth.  What do you get after the connotation "modern."  Post-modern.  What comes after that?  Post-Post modern?  How modern is modern when what we face is classic and timeless corruption from the powerful?  When Obama talks about "change," and then carries out acts of timeless corruption, just how stupid does he think the American public is?  (hint: He is absolutely certain he is the smartest guy in the room and everyone else is a nincompoop.)

During the majority of my life, a weather catastrophe was called "An Act Of God."  The reason for this was because man does not cause the weather or the climate.  We were all on the same page.  Enter stage left come God deniers who now say humanity is responsible for Acts Of God. The people who can think this up are people who think of themselves as gods.  That means they think, because they can manipulate populations, they can make populations believe in their own guilt over something that no one can manipulate.  And they have.  It rains.  It's your fault.  It doesn't rain.  It's your fault.  It's hot.  It's your fault.  It's cold.  It's your fault.  There is a flood in Pakistan.  It's those bad Americans' fault.  Tsunami in Indonesia or Japan.  It's your fault.   The amazing thing to me is that there are people in America, lots of them among us, who can even remotely believe in this guilt trip.

Below is a comment on an article by Lord Christopher Monckton published at Watts Up With That  I grabbed the comment for the eloquent description of what has happened with the insane theory of Climate Change / Global Warming. 

The CAGW fraud as peddled by the UN was never about the science was it? That was a fabricated cover and a perfect excuse to set up the basis for a unified regulatory proto world government, the drawing together of regional governments under a supreme UN led world government. In of itself and standing alone on its merits the case for CAGW is nothing short of ridiculous, it is the embodiment of the Emperors cloak. While the fawning lickspittles shower the wearer with admiration and the mob shout their adulation it goes unnoticed by most that there is in fact no cloak, not until the little boy who has no stake in the process calls out do others realise the truth.

The cloak is the CAGW fraud and the little boy is the sceptic movement. The cautionary tale come to life in the modern age. As a fabricated useful cover the CAGW fraud was a vehicle, a way of uniting disparate opinion, a method of smothering dissent and caution and a way of uniting the public against a common enemy and a common threat. Make up a public threat and peddle that threat as imminent and dangerous and the public as we have seen through history can be manipulated by those with the will and the means to do it. While the gigantic funding flows those who benefit will not seek to end that funding, the law of self interest.

Thousands of scientists and many institutions rely on CAGW funding, a funding stream that would not be available. And whats more those involved know it too, as surely as the sun rises most scientists know in their heart the CAGW fraud is rubbish but self interest dominates. When the CAGW fraud folds it will do so faster than East Germany, those who peddled it will become overnight sceptics, in fact shortly after the CAGW fraud folds you will be hard pressed to find a true believer. Money and political support is the key, its propped the CAGW fraud long after it would have fallen out of favour and become just another phlogiston blunder.

That sounds like a Shakespearean plot, doesn't it?  Timeless themes.  Self-interest, corrupting and bending policies and reality, to benefit someone, or some few, on the suffering of others.  It doesn't get more classic and timeless than that.

As 2013 moves in, I am watching headlines on the price of a gallon of milk being manipulated by the Federal government. (as it has been since at least 1940) Today I read the "Fiscal Cliff Bill" has averted some catastrophic increase in milk prices.  Otherwise, it did nothing to avert our serious debt crisis.   Energy prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  Land prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  Education prices are manipulated by the Federal government.  No wonder those people think they are gods, manipulating food, energy, land use, water use, education, on and on. 

American citizens are voting for other Americans who think they are gods.  The Federal government is so far out of control, we can't move without being manipulated. The god disease must be contagious. (At least people get over the flu.  They don't seem to get over the god disease.) We see local government officials taking on the same attitudes....and unelected boards doing the same.  We are living among people who have no other goal in life but to tell other people how to live. When I was a kid, my brother used to have a saying that made everyone shut up.  "Who died and left you in charge?"  Well, that's pretty much what I want to say to the Americans who think they are gods. 

The same people who banned incandescent light bulbs are now trying their best to ban guns.  Power to ban things is very seductive, no?  I'd like to ban lying.  Actually, I'd like to ban government from power over us.  Oh, that is what the Constitution was supposed to do.  

Welcome to 2013.  A Georgetown professor (Constitution classes at a "prestigious" university) writes an op-ed saying we should throw out the Constitution. Headlines promoting trans-humanism, technocracy, bureaucracy.  $7 million for Obama's family vacation?  $60+ Billion for one section of the country that has had a natural disaster.  Redistribution of wealth is so much fun...especially when it isn't your wealth.

I received an email about ten days ago from someone saying he was in Connecticut and said he owned one of my paintings that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy.  He wanted to know the value of it for insurance purposes.  Hmmmm...I emailed back, sympathized and then asked if he could describe the painting or send me a picture of it?  No reply.  Gee, do you think he is looking to cash in on the government or his insurance company for fictional losses?  I never did hear back from him.  No idea what that was about.

Next mission....get over the flu and get on with less futile efforts.  
Happy 2013, if we can muster it.



  1. The first order of business is to take care of yourself, my friend.

    The world is going to do what the world is going to do. I'm wondering when the sun started coming up in the West. Or, is it just my imagination that the world is going backwards?

  2. Yep...trying to get over this awful bug. Ugh bug! Will be back to bed ASAP.

    Backwards or circles or spirals or something. It's not your imagination. Have never seen such stupidity in all of my life. Feels like the brink of the Dark Ages all over again....