Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Maybe I should have said "grinding America to a pulp."  Nearly the same thing, as we watch the country gradually giving up the tenets of liberty, individual rights, and the pursuit of happiness.  Can you imagine an entire global government based on all of the tyrannies of the past and implemented by today's and future technologies?  Suddenly, I just remembered Reagan's admonition that "This is the last place on earth."  He was right, but at the time we thought we might be remaining as the one place on earth, escaping the tyranny of the left ideologies. 

Today I was also thinking about how we used to think the pendulum was swinging left and right.  A few years of this.  The next few years of that.  Back and forth in a continual fight for balance and stability.  But now I believe the pendulum has gone over the point of coming back.  The swing over time has worked like this:  5 inches left, 1 inch back to the right, 6 inches left, 1 inch back to the right, 7 inches to the left, 1 inch back to the right.  As you can see the left just gained 18 inches to the 3 inches gained on the right.  This continual gain by the left has gone on now for over 100 years and the weight gain on the right is so far out of balance, that the left gains have pushed the pendulum over the swing bar and the whole thing is crashing, smack into of the body of citizens.  The last 4 to 5 decades have taken that left swinging pendulum off in such a fast frenzy that the right is now sitting there wondering what the heck happened.  To be gruesome, you could imaging Poe's "Pit and the Pendulum" and the damn device has just landed square on the neck of the victim and come to a dead stop.

If you were looking for balance with leftists, you were, or are, a fool.  I heard Mark Levin today saying that he does not feel compelled to work with those who break into his house and steal his possessions.  (paraphrasing)  That was his response to a caller who lamented, "Why can't the Republicans work with the Democrats for the good of the country."  Well....that has been tried and obviously that didn't work out too well.  That pendulum pressure of "can't we all just get along" has ended very badly for all of us.

I have been a Republican all of my adult life.  While I have not agreed with the Republican Party on all things, I have, in the past, thought they were at least on the better side of liberty, individual rights, and the pursuit of happiness.  While I observed the Democrats were hypocrites and most definitely only interested in taxing everyone to death.  I've been correct on that, but the pendulum swing on the Republican side of the aisle has either stopped or been so weak and to the left as well, that the Democrats must be laughing themselves silly.  I heard another talk show host, locally, today asking what the Republicans should do now to recapture the American public to their side.  That talk show host hinted that the Republicans should let go of any of the social values on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, etc. in order to recapture the imaginations of the younger Americans who now think "We Are The World."  I disagree with that idea completely.  The conversation of what to do next is going on all over the airwaves and in meetings of conservatives.  All, I might add, to the complete delight of the leftists and their dear leader in the White House.

Today I learned a lot about Richard Nixon setting up the EPA in order to implement UNESCO's plans within the United States.  I learned more about how both Bush's are involved inextricably with the global socialist movement, specifically about Bush the Second implementing UNESCO's infiltration of our public school system to create "global citizens."  Actually, I have known most of this already, but more about it was revealed to me today.  So what matters Republican?  One can only wonder.  I can say all the Democrat presidents have been worse, but so what?  It is 9 inches left and 1 inch right....and deliberately so on the part of both parties. 

One can grab the gushing jugular vein on one's neck and try to stop the bleeding.   We are coming to a halt as far as the nation is concerned.  

Over the last few years of being involved in the effort to try to save our nation, one thing I want to share with you that may seem like a "sally come lately" to the revelation, but the people we are electing are really in only two categories.  They are either complete idiots or they are cunning bastards.  In some cases they may be both.  To be honest, several years ago that thought never occurred to me.  I only knew I didn't agree with the leftist ideology.  It never occurred to me that Republicans would adopt the leftists' cursed schemes out of stupidity or cunning selfishness.  It also never occurred to me that our judicial system would be willing accomplices to shredding the Declaration and the Constitution.   Well, that just tells you how naive I am.  Alas.

I do have a thought on the financial end of things. (a href="http://conservativesonfire.wordpress.com/"> (For my friend in Venezuela.)
I think the collapse will not come quite yet.  The reason I think that is that the globalists are not through bleeding the body.  They are still enjoying the fruits of our labors, so until the last drop of blood is gone, they will allow us to suffer the grinding blade slowly.  There is no riper fruit in the world to rape other than America.  At least not yet.  Plus they have enough hate of us to drag this out as long as they can.  As soon as they realize they have finished us off, the collapse will come and the land that used to be America will be divvied up just like Europe after WWII.  Just a thought.

The last several days I have been caught up in a small firestorm over the regional consortium of which I wrote an op-ed the end of last week.  There was a flurry of commenting on the newspaper's website, phone calls and emails, and also, plans to attend the propaganda Dog and Pony Show in order to, at least, make objections known.  The word is out and the City Council here has been alerted that more than a few people are not happy about this Federal take over of local control.  There is also planned an appearance at the County Commissioners meeting on Thursday evening to support a resolution to forbid the publishing of names and addresses of gun owners.  This is obvious reaction to the newspaper in Connecticut that did publish those gun owners personal information, including a map of their homes.  How we all do scramble around trying to fight off the latest attacks against common sense and decency.  Think of the productive time we are losing by having to do these things.  No...don't think about it.  It will drive you crazy!!

Carry on...as will I.

Hat tips to Michael Chapman, Michael Coffman, Tom Deweese, Charlotte Iserbyt, and Curtis Bowers.

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