Thursday, January 24, 2013


Michelle Obama really needs to don the camouflage.  I mean, she looks like she could take on some men and crush them.  She's good at the game face, too.  She looks like she could heft around a 70 lb. pack, push around a lot of men, and smirk while she's doing it.  And how about Sasha and Malia?   Don't you think the females in O's family should be put on the front lines of the conflicts he creates?  Why not?

I heard this morning that we can look forward to female Navy Seals, too. what world does that work?  

It's completely amazing to me that the left picks and chooses how to address the weaknesses and strengths of women.  For years they have bashed women over the head with "equality."  But when it came down to contraception, Sandra Fluke played the poor victim card about how women must be favored with taxpayers' largesse to afford birth control pills.  Women are too weak to pay for a $15.00 (est.) per month prescription for birth control, but they can strap on 70 lb. back packs and carry carbines, trudging through war zones to try to kill enemies?  Someone help me with that, please?

We give tax breaks to companies to hire more women due to affirmative action and women being counted as a minority.  In other words, women are supposedly SO disadvantaged that we have to prop them up.  Men are not afforded that "leg up" in the workplace unless they are black or brown.  Hire a black woman or brown woman and you get a two-fer.  Where is the "equality"  For white men there is none.

There was a song from "Flower Drum Song" called, "I Enjoy Being A Girl."  I never saw the movie, but I remember the song as a young girl ...and singing it while hoping for a date!  I still think of that song when washing my hair or putting on make up.  It still makes me smile.  Somehow I don't think this is the song Michelle Obama is singing or anything Obama has in mind as he sends our women into combat.  I can't imagine what they are thinking.     

I feel so sorry for the women who got sucked down the pipes by the likes of Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug.  But I also feel sorry for the generations of men who have been sold the nonsense that women are supposed to be like men.  We are losing generations of men and women who are so confused about gender roles that no one has a clue how to celebrate the best of both.  Instead we have idiots wanting to deny the natural traits of men and women.  And now, to put that upside down, insane, and critically damaging dynamic on the battlefield is so ludicrous and lethal, this woman writer cannot believe it.

Celebrating womanhood...and sharing this with my red-blooded male friends, please enjoy the video below!


  1. What so many see in Michelle Obama beats me. The new "do" just tops it off. She and Valerie jarrett must run rings around dear leader.

    1. Guess so, Bunker. I'm with ya, that new "do" is not flattering. Not sure it was real or a wig, actually. This entire show we are watching is like reading the works of Shakespeare. The drama, the tragedies...oh, but I haven't yet found the comedic relief.

      Hang in there....

  2. Ah yes, isn't equality great? Tell me again: who is conducting a war on women? When war breaks out with Iran, Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, and Sandra Fluke should leed the groun invaision. The Muslim men won't have a chance or...