Sunday, September 2, 2012


It pains me greatly to have this macabre DNC theatre beginning this week in what used to be a Southern jewel of a city.  But it is what it is.   So let's see what this production is promoting so far.

The star of the show, the protagonist if you will, is a man who refuses to take responsibility for any detrimental result of his own policies.  He is a hero in his own mind.   He lives in a world where everyone around him tells him he is golden.  His greatest talent is tooting his own horn.  If someone were to tell him he is a lackluster ne'r-do-well, good for nothing, blowhard, what would he do?  How would he react?  If someone asked him to give a truthful accounting of the results of his actions, what would he say?  We know what he says.  He knows how to spin.  That is what he does.....spin and lie.  That is what serves as leadership in his mind.  And the media spins and lies right along with him. 

I will never believe he is the innocent bystander to the destruction of our nation, as he would have you believe.  He may be a narcissist, but he isn't completely stupid.  He knows what he is doing to the nation.  He can laugh off the critics even if they are correct.  Why?  Because this destruction is deliberate.  You don't get the joke?  The ideology he represents was meant to do exactly what has happened.  Taking America down.  Debt and unemployment, leviathan government, unelected bureaucratic rule.  These are all his intentions.  Can he say that out loud?  Of course not.  He only knows how to tell you how great he is and how great he will be...IF he only gets another 4 yrs. to complete his job.   

As you look at the line up of other "stars" showing up in Charlotte for the DNC, you will see a gamut of other ideologues who hate America.  Then there are the naive sycophants who think this lying President IS America.  Bill Clinton giving a keynote speech is like having Lenin show up to support Stalin.  (Just ignore the rigor mortis.)  Hip hip hooray for Marxism!!  Let's tell everyone what a great plan it is!!  And by the way, your mode of transportation to get to this play is light rail, tiny electric cars, or bicycle.....or you can get there on foot.  (Stars take planes and limos.)   

Cameo appearances by the likes of Sandra Fluke add luster to the ideas that everyone should pay for all others' sexual preferences, no matter how odd they are.  LGBT'ers will be highlighted for comic relief.  Jimmy Carter comes to lend an elderly crutch for all the failed policies of past communist presidents.  Really.  (We could add a tribute to Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and the rest of the Progressive Democrats here.)  What does Carter add?  Carter did his part to wreck both the economic strength (see Community Reinvestment Act)  and the military strength of the nation (see removing the Shah of Iran in order to prop up the Muslim Caliphate). Musical headliners like Jeff Bridges and James Taylor are showing up to sing for their masters.  Brad Pitt will show up, just to be seen.  It's all so very clich√© and predictable. 

The show starts tomorrow.  Leave your mind at the door and just go with flow.  It's bound to be quite a fantasy trip!


  1. Thanks for this...I reposted it to Candela..

  2. Love your title. Innocent bystander indeed! Isn't it ironic that he can't run on his own record so he is going to try to run on Clinton's record. Clinton was the luckiest president ever on so many levels. But, economically he was able to ride the tide of the Dot.Com bubble and the early housing bubble and get out of office before they burst in the face of Grorge Bush. But, Obama will never tell that side of the Clinton story.
    Today is Labor Day and many people are clebrating bt putting an empty chair in their yard. There certainly aren't any jobs to celebrate.

    1. Shakespearean days, these are! Unfortunately all tragic. You are so right about Clinton and pointing out the "bubble" issues. Now I think we are in the midst of a student loan bubble and the housing bubble is not remedied. It's all a fiction. I continue to be very worried.

      And by the way...I do like the empty chair idea! Sort of indicates we are all talking to an empty suit. Perfect satire! Clint was right on it!

      Pouring rain here right now....would love it if it has rained out DNC functions that were scheduled to wine and dine and golf and tour the dems at our local venues. Hope it floods them all out!

  3. There is no doubt that Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is the conduit for who knows who. Add jarrett to the mix. Born in Iran, with friends still there by her own acknowledgement.