Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So the polls are supposedly still close.  And in a lot (most) of media polls Romney is still behind Obama.  But everyone I read on the web, hear, or talk to, other than the most die hard Obamanuts, are chomping at the bit to get to the polls to vote for Romney and get the O out of our White House.  I'm in a swing state, North Carolina.  And I will grant that I don't travel in left-wing circles.  In fact, I made haste away from the liberals and looneys in the Art Guild to which I used to belong for the very fact I could no longer support the anti-American bias in all they were doing.  Hanging out with enemies of the Republic was not my idea of creating beautiful art.

Maybe I'm seeing things through my own prism, but tonight I just realized what these polls are really about.  You have to think 5 steps ahead of yourself and do some "outside of the box" cogitating to keep up with the diabolical schemes of the leftists.  Think about this:  You, the left-wing media, tell everyone that Obama is ahead and is going to win this election.  You keep that message playing over and over again for months leading up to the election.  Then, when the O loses, what do your followers think?  Why, they think all kinds of things.  They think they were entitled to winning because that is what they've been told all these months.  They think they were cheated.  They accuse everyone of fraud.  They scream and holler, "Foul!" Let the riots and lawsuits begin!  Bring on the Director Holder of the  DOJ.  You know...that guy who defends Al Qaeda terrorists and the New Black Panthers, but prosecutes Gibson Guitars over some foreign nation's laws.

The polls, they say, are close, even while reporting Obama ahead.  That keeps people on their toes.  That keeps the apathy down.  If you think your guy is going to take it in a landslide, you don't want to say that because people will take it for granted and stay home.  So you keep reporting the race is close albeit ahead for your guy.  Now you might accuse the Romney campaign of that feint, but I don't think the media is doing that for Romney.  Nah.  The media is in the tank for the O.  So that he is ahead, but not too too far ahead.  Just enough to convince people to still go to vote.  Nevertheless, the expectation is set that the O will win.

The only reason I can think of for the polls being so weird is that the Obamanuts are being set up for outrageous and incendiary reactions.  Just my opinion.

Maybe I've been reading too much about Francis Fox Piven or Saul Alinksy.  What do you think?


  1. I think perhaps they want to demoralize us. In some way they are. When the GOP makes it clear that they do not think my state is in play, why work for him. Of course we have Reps and Senators, but they ought to play it better. We need a high turnout for local as well as state elections.

  2. Cheryl, I posted on this very subject today. I'm predicting a Romney landslide. Please check it out.