Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As the nation was trying to get a handle on the Republican ticket, Obama signed yet another executive order to choke off your energy use.  Last Thursday, as Romney and Ryan were accepting the nomination of the Republican Party, Barack Obama did it again.  The guy can't help it.  He is a relentless obsessive / compulsive have to give him credit for that.

The order, which aims to increase the number of cogeneration plants in the U.S. by 50 percent by 2020 and slash carbon emissions by 150 million tons per year, is the administration’s latest effort to “deploy cleaner and more efficient energy production in the country by working around political resistance to climate change and ‘green’ energy legislation on Capitol Hill,” Reuters reports.

Notice the words, "working around political resistance to climate change and green energy."  C'mon, folks.  How long does it take to figure out what these jerks are doing to us?  Political resistance?  I wish we had "political resistance."  Where is that?  I don't see people standing up to this imperial tyrant.  Do you?  Congress?  What Congress?  Do we even have that anymore?   

No one with half a brain believes the climate change lies anymore.  And everyone with half a brain knows "green energy" is a bank busting failure and not worth one taxpayer penny spent for wind or solar. And yet we see press release after press release that our nation is borrowing more money for "green energy."  Political resistance? Where is it?    
And as Bill Clinton takes the stage tonight at the DNC, I am reminded of the executive order he signed creating the "President's Council on Sustainable Development."  To be honest, the public was out of the loop on that one.  Who knew?  Well, now we do know and we don't want that either, thank you very much.  How much damage can these guys do with executive orders?  Billions?  Try Trillions!  

Yep, 20,000 people crowding into the Bobcat Arena in Charlotte tonight to watch the Clinton buffoon pat himself on the back, all the while his nice little executive order still picks the pockets of every American for a lying boondoggle of an unconstitutional scam. The Clinton buffoon will slightly nod to the O racketeer who doubled down on the "President's Council on Sustainable Development" by creating another executive order establishing a partnership between HUD, DOT, and the EPA called "Sustainable Communities Initiative."  Two peas in a pod, these two shysters.  Soaking you and smiling to the crowds at the same time.

Adding icing to the moronic cake, the Democrat National Platform includes this lovely tribute to "Environmental Justice."  Breitbart reports:

“We know that global climate change is one of the biggest threats of this generation – an economic, environmental, and national security catastrophe in the making,” the platform reads. “We affirm the science of climate change, commit to significantly reducing the pollution that causes climate change, and know we have to meet this challenge by driving smart policies that lead to greater growth in clean energy generation and result in a range of economic and social benefits.”
According to the platform, climate change also disproportionately impacts the poor and thus more commitments to “environmental justice” are needed.

Political resistance?  Bring it on.  I haven't seen it yet.

Still waiting.


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