Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today we have a dead American ambassador to Libya.  Three others ..... dead Americans in Libya.  All for the sake of some supposed democratic revolution across the middle east.  Well, when you install Christian hating and American hating Muslims in a "democratic" environment, what do you get?  Murder and mayhem.  None of this is about freedom.  It is about creating a Caliphate based on Islam which is sworn to annihilate Western Civilization.  

How stupid are we?  Jimmy Carter lost Iran in 1979.  His ineffectual, convoluted foreign policy made no sense and ended up with the radical Islamic revolution there.  Here is a little reminder:
"And what of Iran and the Carter administration’s response to the Shah’s difficulties? After the Shah left Teheran in January 1979, he is reported to have remained convinced for weeks that the American government all along had a grand strategy that was simply beyond his ken. Given Iran’s and the Gulf’s strategic importance to the West, given the steady support by five previous American administrations, perhaps President Carter simply had reasoned that the Shah was expendable and a new stable, pro-West civilian regime was required. Or maybe Mr. Carter had decided to seek an alliance with radical Muslim nationalists in the area dedicated to igniting dissidence inside the Soviet Union’s central Asian republics. What the Shah could not believe was that no plan no strategic objective existed in Washington. Yet as events revealed, that in essence was what lay behind the administration’s response to the crisis in the Gulf. When on 23 January 1980, a year after the Shah had left Iran, eighty days after the humiliating imprisonment of American officials in Teheran, and a month after Soviet tanks had garrisoned Kabul, President Carter announced his containment doctrine, the world was surprised, as was the Shah."

The result of that fiasco has been years of threats and fear.  Now we have an Iran threatening nuclear weapons and wiping Israel off the face of the earth as soon as they can. And now we have Barack Obama smacking his lips over Muslim domination in all of the middle east.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are propping up Islamics with our tax dollars. We paid for arms to throw out the only halfway stable (albeit ugly) regimes in the region.  What are we facing now?  Gee, do you think Obama and Clinton knew what they were doing?  I do.  I absolutely think they knew exactly what they were doing. 

How long does it take to charge and convict a President with treason?  As long as it took to find and kill Bin Laden?  If ever?  

This afternoon I am hearing that the video that was supposedly the catalyst for this murder, has nothing to do with it.  That these murders were pay back on 9-11 for killing Bin Laden.  What makes more sense...retribution on 9-11 for finally killing Bin Laden?  Or a stupid video?  If you pick the video, think about why they blame that video.  How do you shut down free speech?  Blame a video.  Then, if you are in the enemy camp, you can justify giving yourself more power to shut down free speech. Voilá!!

Now Hillary Clinton comes out and condemns the murder of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  Sure.  We really believe you, Hillary. Especially after you issued a statement of apology for "hurting Muslims' feelings," an apology based on a video that few people had seen. You, with the close executive assistant whose family is high ranking Muslim Brotherhood.  Sure.  
What will it take for Americans who ascribe to the Democrat Party to realize their party is in bed with enemies of the United States of America?  What will it take for those same Democrats to realize their party is an enemy of the United States of America?  What does it take to make people realize that appeasing murderous and mostly insane enemies is not a defense strategy?  What is it about "Kill the infidels" that Obama and Clinton don't understand? 

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  1. Bravo......I am standing up now!!!
    Cheryl I want to ask you a favor..I have done an article on my Candela
    but my readership is very low..However I would really like people to read it..Can you check it out and if you can help me promote it in anyway
    I would be grateful...I could not be more upset about this situation...thanks Carl

  2. Obama and Hillary were behind the uprising in North Africa since they took office. They own the "Arab Spring" and anybody with their eyes open could have predicted these attack would happe. But, no, they are all buddy buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood. They should both be charged with treason.

    BTW, I am leaving this message at all of my stops today. You and your readers may want to come by my place today to learn of an alert about "Blogger Idenity Theft". Everybody needs to know what is happening.

    On top of my identity being stolen to harass maggie at maggie's Notebook, today I find that I can not comment on other WordPress sites. I don't know if the two things are related and i have been unable to contact WorPress. What a mess!

    1. Thanks, Jim....I replied on your blog!
      Hang in there!

  3. Ask most people this tiny bit of recent history and I bet few if any know the tale.

  4. I'm thinking that is how they get away with everything, Bunker. No one knows history...even recent history. As Reagan said, we are never more than one generation from ...what?" I can't remember the rest of it, but loss of our nation is what. Loss of all liberty is what.

    Doomed to repeat. Alas poor us.