Thursday, October 25, 2012


Silly question, I know.  The press is there, splashing around in its tank, pumping out all the same pro-Obama, pro-Big Government, pro-globalist agenda.

Still 12 days to go and I'm worn out from election news.  Wondering if you are feeling the same.  Maybe we've been at it too long.  Even an interested person as myself, who is watching and has been working toward this November 6 election, can get burned out.  Truthfully, I think this carries over from 2010 where I am concerned.  Or you could even go back to 2008 when the bottom dropped out of hope.  (Pun intended.)  These past few years have been full of searching out information and sharing it with readers.  Not for pay.  For love of America.  Spending every day focused on what our government is doing is not the way free people are supposed to live. The press used to do that job.  It was their mission statement, their call tag; "Government Watchdog." 

Once upon a time, back when Woodward and Burnstein were considered heroes of journalism, the press took up the verbal sword of exposing truth.  Or at least as much truth as they could find and publish.  Looking back on that Watergate scandal, I'm sure the ecstasy of taking down a Republican president was an over-riding emotion.  There is power in the press, to be sure.  A heady ego trip for those who are bending the public minds, or lack of minds.

At this point, I think even our warrior Breitbart would be exhausted, although his sites and his mission continues.  So what is it that is making me so spent?  It is the shear magnitude of information, I think.  TMI, as my kids would say.  I see headlines on the web that should be headlines on the front page of our local newspaper, but never make it there.  I wonder how Joe Neighbor next door will find out what he needs to know in order to vote?  I wonder how any of us are supposed to wade through the noise to find out exactly what needs to be known.

The bias toward the left in the mainstream media is a given at this point.  I tried to check some polls a while ago and finally just gave up.  They are all over the map or too close to call.  I couldn't tell anything from them.

Today, 12 days before the election, I can't find the pulse of the nation.  It has disappeared into the noise.  And that, in and of itself, says a lot about how little commonality exists in anything; values, truth, news, et al.  There seems to be no common pulse.  As Lincoln said, "A nation divided cannot stand."  I would add this; A nation that can't find truth in journalism, doesn't know anything. 

Benghazi should be on the front page of every newspaper in the nation.  But it isn't on ours.  Fast and Furious should have been on the front pages for months, but wasn't.  The outrageous spending on "green" nonsense and welfare projects, spending that is destroying our nation, should be on the front pages every day with the attached names of Congress who took our money to pay for those failed and failing boondoggles. 

Locally, three different County Commissioners have, over the last year, expressed that they are only in charge of 15% of our county budget, that the State and the Feds hold 85% of our county budget under mandates.  You read that right.  We pay 100% of our county taxes into the county budget, but the commissioners in charge of that budget complain (or use as an excuse) that they only control 15% of that money.  I wonder how much of that is the commissioners' fault.  Did they agree to matching grants?  Did they agree to these "mandates?" Why have a county government? Why vote to affect only 15% of our money?  Who did this?  Why?  How did that happen?  I'm asking the questions....and I hope I get some answers.  Will let you know if I do.

Anyway...election fatigue.  I'm sure I'll be up all night on election night unless there is a swift and sure result.  How about you?  Are you tired yet?


  1. I agree totally with you. Burned out big time. These last days we have ahead Will be brutal. Still waiting for the surprise. I am starting to think Romney thinks he can coast this week. Hope I am wrong, but Obama is getting all of the attention. Maybe best since he is self imploding.

    1. and Jim below keep me going, too! It has been a long haul.

      If you guys watched Fox news tonight and saw that even the blonde, usually democrat apologist pundit, was totally outraged about what has happened with this Benghazi thing...., well...that was somewhat encouraging to me. She must have a conscience, when so many of them flat out don't. So Bunker, you are right. He is self-imploding. Too bad it is so late in the game for all to see that he has been imploding actually the entire last 4 yrs.

      Maybe you and I can take a small break after the election? I'm hoping so, but not counting on it. We'll have to keep holding each other Jim says below, we may win a battle, but the war is ongoing. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

  2. "Spending every day focused on what our government is doing is not the way free people are supposed to live."

    We can no longer rely on the media "watch dogs" as you point. So, maybe this is how free people have to live now. We bloggers are now the government watch dogs.

    I sense many people are reaching your level of frustration with this election. I never thought I would live to see the Chcago style politics on a national level. It's disturbing. I haven't reached your level of frustration yet. Maybe it is a character flaw of mine; but instead of getting frustrated, I get more angry and want to fight that much harder.

    I really think we are going to win this election. That will be a battle won and not the end of the war. The war may never end. If I am wrong and Obama wins reelection, then the America we have been fighting for doesn't exist anymore. That is a day I do not want to face.

    Hang in there, dear friend. I need you and so does America!

    1. Jim, I just sometimes feel I have hit the wall. This week was one of those times. I was seriously trying to find a hopeful trend. Something that would help me see light at the end of the tunnel. But as I looked around, it was the same old global / communist / socialist / fascist propaganda entrenched around us. So then I thought I would look at the electoral college polls...and the other election polls. I could not land on anything definitive at all.

      I agree with you. If Obama wins this, then I think we are done. Glenn Beck said today, as he was reporting on the Benghazi disaster, that today was the day he no longer recognized America. We have blatant treasonous criminals at the top levels of our government lying to the public. Most of the press is covering for them. (Except for Fox) And no one is going to prosecute them. Apparently our government is so broken that no one has the guts to actually prosecute them. That alone is enough to make you think we are done.

      Eleven days to go. We'll see. Glad you aren't giving up. At least your conversations at Conservative On Fire will keep the fires burning.