Thursday, October 11, 2012


I think this is the last of my four essays on "Know Thy Enemy."  The predicate is self-explanatory.  This one is the essence of all of it.  I feel we are coming to the crossroads with this upcoming election.  It's down to whether the arrogant ignorant continue their march of tyrannical rule over us, or the beginning of the turn toward the freedoms we are guaranteed.  That's it.  The bottom line.  Plain and simple.  One or the other.  Tyranny or freedom.

Arrogant ignorance ( also known as the Dunning-Kruger effect ), is at the heart of all we are facing.  Some arrogant ignorance is laughable. But the enemy we face today within our sovereign borders is hardly laughable.  Combine arrogance and ignorance with Marxism and you have a witch's brew of despotism whipped up to poison America forever.  (caveat, I include Fascism and Nazism as aspects of Marxism, because they all represent statist control over the ruled masses.) 

Why is Marxism ideology arrogant and ignorant?  Ignorant because it exchanges a Monarch for an army of bureaucratic Monarchs.  All it does is create another privileged class of rulers.  Arrogant because it assumes that a bureaucratic class is somehow more equipped, mentally or otherwise, to rule over their fellow human beings. Instead of an educated self-ruling citizenship, we have an entire group of people in America who have been force-fed that witch's brew in the public school system for decades.  And look what we have...a lot of arrogant ignorant people with giant egos who think they are the "Ruling Class" and the 47% that Romney referred to as the dependent class.  Angelo Codevilla's Ruling Class

If you wish to make yourself indispensable to the masses and rule over them, you must clear your path of obstacles, obstacles like educated intelligent people.  You can't have educated intelligent people or they may wish to rule themselves and rise up against you.  You can have a lot of Dunning-Krugers, but not actually smart people.  If there are any educated intelligent people, you must get rid of them. 

In France, before the Revolution, the Churches owned the schools.  See Age of the French Revolution  Robespierre could not allow that and hold power, so he proceeded with the Reign of Terror, killing and pillaging.  He created the "Committee of Safety" and proceeded to guillotine 17,000 people, mostly nobles and priests.  Another 20,000 were imprisoned or killed without trial.  Robespierre justified the Terror by using Enlightenment principles, although some of the Terror's victims included influential Enlightenment figures. 

Please note the "Committee of Safety" and "using Enlightenment principles" in that last paragraph.  Can you see the correlation between International Code Councils and the supposed global "enlightenment" of Sustainability?  Statists are the same no matter what era of history you choose to study.  I use the French Revolution here because it a precursor to European ideology that led to Karl Marx.  The propaganda was much the same as you see today.  Code Councils are the new Committees of Safety.  The Enlightenment, i.e. Global Environmentalism is being used to control people and will be used to starve them out.  The French Revolution resulted in the tyranny of Napoleon and after Napoleon evolved into statist control in an attempt to achieve a common Social Justice, as Europe appears today.  

For those of you who are not aware of the fine points of the French Revolution compared to the American Revolution, I am posting the following: American vs. the French Revolution

"Unlike the American Revolution, whose philosophical ancestors were the English liberals, the French Revolution was fundamentally fathered by the French radical philosophers, especially Jean Jacques Rousseau, and inherited the faith in reason engendered by The Enlightenment. Reneé Descartes' trust in geometric-like reasoning and Rousseau's belief in the common will and sovereignty of the people framed the conception guiding the French Revolution. This conception is mechanical. Government is a machine, fueled by coercive power, and driven by reason; and its destination is Social Justice. Government is thus a tool to reach a future goal -- improving man. Those in charge of the State would therefore use reason to apply government to further and create Social Justice."

"This conception is clearly different from that of the American revolutionaries. For the Americans, interests were the guiding force; for the French, reason. For the Americans, Freedom was to be preserved against the State; for the French, the State was used by reason to achieve Social Justice. For the Americans, individual rights were essential to protect interests; for the French, the collective, the sovereignty of the people, the general will stood above rights. Finally, for the Americans, no one interest could be entrusted with the State -- all interests had to be limited and balanced by their opposition; for the French, the State was a tool that should have no limit so long as Social Justice was pursued according to the common will."
"(The principles of the French Revolution) underlie the revolutions of 1848 in Europe, the first stirring of socialism, the writings of Marx and the birth of communism and democratic socialism. The French Revolution was defeated but the Revolution was victorious. Infesting intellectuals everywhere, its ideas eventuated in the successful Russian Revolution. "

(If all you know of the French Revolution is the popular, romantic Broadway play, Les Miserables, you are far away from the critical knowledge of why the American Revolution and consequent establishment of our Constitution is superior to the French.) 

So here we are.  Marx is dead.  Engels is dead.  Hegel is dead.  Rousseau and Napoleon are dead. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, all dead.  But, the failures of Marxist ideas live on and keep being repeating like Bill Murray's movie "Ground Hog Day" ...until we get it right.  The inheritors of Marx and forebears in like-mindedness are still working their wiles behind the scenes of our government.  We have wrought the brazen, outrageous, fanatical, Fabian rule by those ideologues in power for the last 100 years now.  Is it time for an American Revolution redux?  I think so.   

We got it right in the beginning of this nation.  November 6th we will find out if Newsweek in 2009 was right, that "We Are All Socialists Now," or we begin a march of our own, en masse, toward the America we were given by the Grace of God and His leadership.  
Know thy enemy.   


  1. Cheryl, just one thing. i think the election between Mitt and Obama is a choice between Marxism and Socialism. Neither are freedom. Both contain tyranny. If you listen to Romney and examine his record he is not offering to be Constitutional and truly limited government. He's just offering you diet Obama without the caffeine:)

    As far as his comments on the 47% go, well he was only partially correct. That vast majority of that number are not dependent nor are they Obama supporters. I took some information from Ben Swann regarding that who did all the leg work:) Just letting you know:

  2. Tim, I said Marxism, Fascism, and Nazism, but made the assumption that my readers know that Socialism is included in the Marxism denotation. I could have also mentioned Communitarianism, but didn't. None of these can co-exist with our Constitution. I'd like to go back and undo everthing FDR, Wilson, Johnson, Carter, Nixon, both Bushes, Clinton, Obama and all unconstitutional acts by all of these rats who put in Socialist programs. But I believe our only hope at this point is to begin the walk back slowly. There is not going to be some huge or instant, head-cracking moment that saves us from all of this in one fell swoop and dismantles the behemoth in DC...unless the monetary system collapses entirely and at that point all bets are off.

    I know you are a Ron Paul fan and you believe strongly that Romney is no better than Obama. Romney was not my first choice, but it wouldn't matter to you who my choice would be if were not Ron Paul...or possibly Gary Johnson. So...I don't know how to assuage your angst on this. I could go into many reasons why Romney is light years better than Obama, but you would not find that comforting. I am not a libertarian, as I told you before.

    At this point in time, we have two choices, though I know that brings you frustration. The libertarian party has yet to put up a candidate that catches the imagination and fire of Americans, enough to get elected. Maybe that will happen some day, but this is not the day.

    The Republican Party has put in its platform a plank rejecting and repudiating Agenda 21. Realizing that is just a is a start. I expect Romney and Ryan know what the Republican planks are. So on that one issue alone, I have some hope of ridding our nation of this UN scrourge against our rights and Constitution.

    That's my response. Sorry you find my writing lacking to your desire to vote for someone other than Romney.

    1. Cheryl, please don't think my comment sees something lacking in your writing. On the contrary:) I was merely pointing out things that are often avoided.

    2. BTW, the issue is not RP or GJ, it's about the Constitution and personally neither man is qualified for the office and both have a clear record on how they operate.

    3. Thanks, Tim.
      I watched a Paul Ryan snip from a stump speech a while ago where he describes the failures of European Socialism and "wanting to get off that path." He also blames both parties for the mess we are in. What doubts I have had about Romney linger and I will be holding my breath throughout the next four years if he wins. (More likely I will be writing my heart out and trying to stay in contact with the politicians who represent me. Congress is a huge player in the train wreck we are experiencing, so I won't be sitting on my thumbs, complaining because Romney is not as conservative as I would like.

      Wondering if you are referring the Mexican connection with Romney's parents....and I have wondered that myself. It seems no one in authority reads the "natural citizen" matter in the context the founders intended. But I'd like to see that clarified back to their intentions.

      I have been encouraged by the Ryan pick and pray we are seeing a turn toward that Constitution that you and I want to see reign over the land. We'll just have to stay in there pitching!!

    4. Well I'm not sure about either of them as for natural born citizen. I realize the bc obama put out is a forgery. I work with video and photo software a lot, so yeah it is. However, the video 'dreams of my real father' seems to be more in line with probably what actually took place. If that was the case he is certainly natural born. But since he has put out the bc, I'd say he's not, just like you do.

      Romney though, I think he is natural born. I looked into that back before the summer and came to the conclusion that he was. I could be wrong here, but that was my conclusion.

      My point about qualifications was due to both men's vision for bigger government. The thing about Romney is he knows how to couch that in "conservative sounding language," yet his record as governor is most definitely socialist. I actually fear more from a Romney presidency than I do an Obama one.

      Got this video sent to me the other day:

    5. I really do understand your concerns on this, Tim. (The big government solutions, I mean.) If you are weighing the Socialist vs. the Fascist angles...both arriving at more manipulation and wrecking freedoms. I am concerned as well. I was heartened by the Paul Ryan pick, however. The jury is out. I am hoping the people of this nation don't just sit down and spectate after the election...if Romney wins I mean. We have a long way to go to drain the swamp. If Obama wins, I believe we are completely done. It's over at that point. So you can say I am choosing the least of the worst. I feel better about Romney than I did McCain....but that isn't saying a whole lot.

      I can't imagine you fear more from Romney than Obama. That doesn't make sense to me, unless you think the fast track to oblivion is better than the slow track..if that is what you are thinking. Maybe I am buying time. But that, to me, is better than seeing the country go down in flames in the short run. If we don't get the Senate back, and if we don't have more constitutionalists running for office over the next several terms...those we can elect, then all bets are off. It may be too late now and I am refusing to give in. We'll see.

      No doubt I will still be yelling loud and clear on the "Sustainable" road to hell through Public Private Partnerships...which is the Fascist side of things. Hang on for the ride!!

  3. dear friend, I wouldb't have thought it possible; but your writing continues to get even better. This post is exceptional!

    I don't know how prevelent Dunning-Kruger syndrom is, but I suspect the dumming-down of American has reached epidemic proportions. I was having an e-mail conversation with a blogger friend from my home state of Michigan last week. We were talking about how nad the world-wide economic and politacal situation was. I said "it was extremely bad". He responded that "it was much worse than that." You can see why we hit it off. In the course f the conversation he said I might be out of touch because I have lived outside of the country for so long. He explained that in his work, he covers a wide geographic area and he interacts with many young adults. He said their attitudes that the government owes them would frighten me. He may be right about my being out of touch. Today he posted an audio clip from a call-in radio program. the woman who called in did not talk politics so we have no idea for whom she will vote. Please listen to this short audio clip. After you stop laughing, consider this. This woman can vote, she can procreate, and she can run for public office. It is scary, Cheryl.


  4. OH my GOSH!!! Yes...laughing. I think you just sent a Dunning-Kruger to me on that youtube. I'm sure she thinks she is very smart. Really great. Still...I get your point. Yep, she probably votes.

    I don't know how long it has been since you lived in America, I don't know how "out of touch" you might be. Seems to me you are very much in tune with the issues we are facing. I think where you live is quite likely what we are getting here, but farther along. (That is probably an understatement.)
    Went to breakfast with some old city business cronies...who hang out at on Sat. morning at a place called Firestone Grill. (Named for a once thriving textile mill nearby that was owned by a huge hulk of a building that is vacant...and going to be "renovated" by Federal grants.) One of the guys had his 21 yr. old son with him, a college student. I asked the young man what was he studying and he told me "business." I had also taken with me Brian Sussman's book, "Eco-Tyranny." I opened up a chapter titled, "Sustainable Development" and asked him if that is what they were teaching him. He said, "Oh, yes." "That is the major premise of all of it."

    The conversation turned to the father who said he had wanted to purchase an abandoned mill building, restore it for a warehouse, and lease to others who had expressed a need for that type of space. But when he went to the city to look at permitting for this, the process was the city regulations would force him to put so much additional money into it for "GREEN" upfitting, the project was no longer economically feasible, so he walked away from it. So the building sits empty, creating no tax revenue, and no one is able to make any use of it or the land it sits on.
    That, Jim, is how our economy is being killed by Agenda 21. Perfectly able and willing business people are being told they can't make any money on such prospects as this. Why? Strangled by GREEN regulations that satisfy no need. The government then sees cities in blight...and walks in with Federal grant money and the local pols take the money....even though they have shut out good business proposals. The Feds are broke. The cities are broke. And people are sitting there wondering why??? Such stupidity.

    Dunning-Kruger all over the place. They are SO smart that they can't see how stupid they really are. Amazing.