Wednesday, October 17, 2012


That chart is what global warming looks like folks.  Non-existent for the last 15+ years.  Zero. Nada.  Zilch.  (Before that, in the '70's, it was all about the "Coming Ice Age" and where did that go?)  All the while the developing world has been cranking up carbon use for manufacturing.  And in the meantime?  We have energy starvation policies stuffed down our throats.  And a President, last night in the debate, going on and on about "Green Jobs," which are either non-existent also...or are causing bankruptcy eruptions all over the place.  Not to mention the dire straights he is putting people in with regard to the energy they need to survive. 

Excuse the unladylike word in my title, but the entire Al Gorebasm insanity is causing nothing but draconian, opportunistic, tyrannical thievery and controls over our very daily lives to the point of stark raving global madness.  You have been sold down the proverbial river.  Sent over the cliff. Robbed blind.  And screwed...totally.   Americans are supposed to be smarter than this.  I want to believe Americans are smarter than this.  But every day, in America, bureaucrats, planners, non-profits, corporations, and politicians are spending their time, and energy, and your money, to capture you...not carbon, but you.....into their schemes of control.  None of that has one whit to do with some conjured up fiction that you are causing the global temperatures to rise.  You aren't.  You never did.  But they won't let a little thing like the truth stop them from their central control of your energy use.

Some food for thought:

"Industries are already leaving Germany, and more will soon follow. The loss of energy and jobs will damage the German economy almost as much as the exploding cost of new infrastructure required to deal with the intermittent unreliables. And the cost -- THE COST!!! Hundreds of thousands of lower class workers in Germany already cannot afford to pay their skyrocketing power bills. That number will only grow larger."

"The shift to renewable energy is also taking a toll on family budgets. On Monday Germany's electrical grid operators announced that a special tax levied on consumers to finance subsidies for green energy would increase by almost 50 per cent." 

 The EU is going straight down the road to serfdom....again, I might add.  (Note Spain's 17%+ unemployment after converting to a "Green" economy.  Throw in a little Greece, Italy, and the rest...and what do you have?)  How many times in history have European nations been sucked into the central planning models of either Monarchs or Dictators.  I thought we fought and won a revolution to get out of that mold of ignorance. 

Hat Tip to: Townhall Finance

"Remember last summer- and the summer before that, and the summer before that- when droughts and tornadoes were pinned to global warming by a compliant media? Or when we were told that 100 million people would die in the next twenty minutes, or twenty years- is there really a difference?- because of global warming? And that of course women and children would bear the brunt of those deaths? Or last year when we were told about the wave of Polar Bear cannibals terrorizing the animal kingdom in the great white north?"

Too bad Candy Crowley never got to the Global Warming issue in the debate.  Too bad....
If Romney and Ryan have the facts on this, we might be saved from the economic devastation that Europe is facing right now.  God bless them both.  

Paul Ryan's speech - "Get off the path to European failures."


  1. I read about this a few days ago. Then Bruce McQyain at the QandO blog did a piece on it. He quoted on of the better known flobal warming scientest who said that sixteen years of data was not sufficient to make such a claim. Of course when he had sixteen years worth of doctored data on warming that was more than sufficient. Can't lose all that grant money now can we?

    Spain, Germany, and Great Brittin have paid dearly for their foolishness. I read yesterday that Prime Minister Mercle is asking her legislature to change the green energy laws. It may be too late.

    Will our Left Stream Media cover this latestedt proof of no global warming? Not a chance. The Leftists will keep calling for following Europe down the rabbit hole. Al Gore I read earned $100 million on this green energy scam. The man ought to be in prison.

  2. My foot surgery was yesterday, just now back to catching up. Shaking off the anesthetic and pain killers...but doing fine.

    Yes...indeed. Al Gore should be in prison, along with the other fraudsters who have racketeered their way into our government coffers. Tragic idiocy. But they don't quit...and our government seems to just be doubling down and cranking it up. "Sustainability," you know. They are inundating our children with this rubbish, which is what worries me most...aside from the borrowed generational theft. Wrecking their minds with about criminal.
    Of course our media is so sucked down the Climate Change rabbit hole, but for all of the leftist / Progressive reasons. The whole scheme promotes tyrannical control of the populations and the media no longer has to think about what they report...they just repeat the government propaganda. Get paid for not thinking...lazy, eh?
    Also you are right about the EU paying dearly for this huge mistake, not to mention the pain they have inflicted on their peoples. Shame. Shame.