Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 I'm glad I'm not the one in Romney's position debating the Socialist in Chief tonight.

I told someone recently that opening up my computer each day for reading is like getting hit with shrapnel.  Every day.  A blast of shrapnel coming out of the computer and slicing me to bits all over.  You could call what we are experiencing "death by a thousand cuts."  I've heard the advice that if you just pick one subject to address and stick to it,  then you might be able to keep your sanity and make a difference in that one area of concern.  I've tried that to some degree by tackling the Agenda 21 issue, but only to find out that issue covers a thousand other issues; land use, transportation, energy, housing, economics, healthcare, education, et al.  So much for that idea.

And there lies the rub.  Let's say you pick transportation, you end up with some socialist policy about housing locations.  If you pick energy, you end up with 5th amendment privacy issues involving Smart Meters.  If you pick land use, you end up making the rounds with the environmentalist screed that the land belongs to non-human species.  Back to energy, you end up with environmentalists killing birds to force wind turbines on all of us.  So you look at solar and find out it kills any economic common sense due to its costs.  You pick education and you get mired down in busing for "equity" vs. neighborhood schools to cut down on transportation carbon emissions and costs.

So round and round we go...when at the bottom of it all is Marxism.   But then I've been told that you can't discuss ideology with the public because they don't get it.  (I've had a City Council member tell me to shut up about Communism, "because it turns people off.")  Just last night I went to a candidates forum where a state representative told me "a small group of loonies is co-opting "Sustainability" to attack it."  I said...."WHAT?"  "You have that backwards," I explained to him.  (Some of you remember I had the same argument with a County Commissioner several months ago who complained that we should keep the word "Sustainability" (Sustainable Development) because we can't let the leftists take such a good word (phrase) that means economic success.)  So there is the "Branding" of the leftists....taking over everything.  My state representative did, at least, listen to my explanation and said he would read the book, "Eco-Tyanny" by Brian Sussman, which I happened to have in my hands at the time, and he said he has that same book in his office.  .....We shall see if he reads the book and finally "gets it."

How can Romney get across all of these problems without getting into the weeds and yet let people know that he understands Socialist government is the noose around everyone's neck?  How do we know Romney "gets it."  

My daughter just informed me that her insurance policy is increasing by 42% this coming year....as she struggles with which of three plans to choose for herself.  Does she lower her coverage?  Or does she keep her same coverage and pay the extra 42%?  Meanwhile my son tells me the entire military has been commanded to go "Green," so the costs of defending the nation are going through the roof.  His dept. was just forced to buy a "Green" American made vehicle which cost $80,000.... $50,000 more than the "foreign" alternative, even though most of the "foreign" alternative was assembled and sold in the United States.  (This involved some EU tariffs, shipping, and no service for the American made vehicle in a foreign nation...resulting in a security issue, but Obama wouldn't care about that...now would he?)

Gas prices, health care prices, energy prices, land prices, transportation prices, food prices....pick anything and wonder what can Romney say in this debate tonight to assure people he will stop the flying shrapnel? 

Nothing is simple.  By design.  Crash the system through chaos and conflict and debts.  Obviously that is the case with the European Union, the Middle East, or even California. (Our version of Greece.)  How do you discuss the ideology with people who have no basis of reference for it?  How do you explain that your health insurance rates are going up because Obama destroyed what was left of individual choice in the health care industry?  Or that Obama's policies are costing you astronomically high prices to defend the nation....the same LIAR who said he would cut the costs of the military.  He is cutting them alright....turning them "Green" and then this "sequestration" policy of diminishing the military personnel and their support system.  And then, how do you fix an education system that exists only to socially engineer the poor people who are sucked into it.  

I wish Romney could just go to this debate and spell it out.  He could say, "Folks, this nation is going straight down the tubes in a Marxist toilet, and you are going to have to stand up and get with the program." "You, the citizens of this nation, are going to have to send every Socialist packing and get rid of every Socialist regulation, bill, program, and policy, and the politicians espousing such things."  And then let Obama hang himself.  

Well, that won't happen.  I can only dream that.  But we'll watch and see what happens. 


  1. "I wish Romney could just..."

    What a lovely dream. Romney held his own last night; but I think his biggest fail is he still doesn't have simple way to explain his plan for putting America back to work that the average American can understand. If the people who asked questions last night are representative of average Americans, maybe there is nothing Romney can do to get through to them.

  2. yeah...I know, Jim. I keep wishing there would be a simple way to get across the simple solutions to the tangled web the leftists have created....and then have someone say it as simply as Reagan said it, "Government is the problem." You are so right about the quality of those questions....but you have to realize the media chose them and the people who asked them. Candy Crowley should never be allowed a microphone again....what a biased turnip she is.

    I thought his "5 point plan" was really pretty good...explained pretty well...but if people are so stupid to only catch on to something as silly as Herman Cain's 9-9-9 dumbed down plan...then, again, you are right. We are all too stupid to figure out what our "betters" are doing to us.

    Bogged down in the weeds...and that is where they would like to keep us. Sigh.
    I thought Romney did fine considering the way the puppets set up the debate. He missed a couple of opportunities, but Crowley wouldn't let him get his answers in...so....
    There you go. I'm voting tomorrow.