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No doubt you are seeing the same commercials on TV that I am. You know, the ones with the ethereal sounding voices of children, the visage of celestial iconography, and the word "Hopenhagen" floating across the screen. I wonder if many in America have any clue what the Copenhagen Treaty proposes to do to the sovereignty of the United States. It all looks so Madison Avenue slick and "touchy - feely" warm and fuzzy. Intoning a chant-like mantra designed to appeal to every new-age hippie and their children whose minds are already spinning with guilt for living on the planet, these commercials are designed to make Americans think they are part of some really big worldwide hug. A hug called the Copenhagen Treaty. And of course, President Obama is flitting off with his entourage and huge jets to Copenhagen to put his face all over it in order to make the world believe that he is saving the planet from whom? Us. That's who.
For over sixty years now the left-wing propagandists have been very occupied with convincing Americans that we are very bad people. Forty years ago they grabbed hold of the schools to make sure the children were taught that Americans live on stolen land, built the country using stolen labor, have an illegitimate Constitution written by nasty old white men, and have been using up the planet's resources illegitimately and unfairly. So now we have a population of people, some left wing zealots, some indoctrinated, and some who are just too uneducated to understand, who believe America is a travesty and has no business being more successful than the rest of the world. These people have been led into a twisted guilt trip for just being American. They think Obama will absolve them of their guilt if he just goes to Copenhagen and signs away our guilt to the rest of the world and consigns us to penance payments for decades to come.

First I want to explain what this Copenhagen Treaty says and means, just so you know.

According to Jed Gladstein writing for American Thinker

The proposed treaty authorizes the establishment of a "government" to transfer wealth from industrial nations to non-industrial nations in payment of a "climate debt" which, the treaty declares, the industrial nations owe on account of burning carbon-based fuels. The newly created international government is to have the authority to decide issues relating to carbon emissions in signatory nations, the power to levy what amounts to carbon taxes on signatory nations, and the power to enforce its levies without reference to the will of the people who live in the signatory nations.

Thus, the proposed Climate Change Treaty demands that:

  • An unelected international government is to be established without the American people voting on its establishment or membership;
  • The unelected international government is to have authority to legislate how much and what kind of carbon-based activity Americans may engage in before they will be taxed on such activity;
  • The unelected international government is to have authority to decide the amount of taxes Americans must pay for carbon-based activities, determine the people to whom the taxes will be given, and decide how those people will spend the taxes -- and none of those activities will be subject to presidential veto, congressional oversight, or review by the federal Judiciary, much less a vote by the American people;
  • If the American people fail to abide by the legislative edicts of the unelected international government, they will be subject to international enforcement proceedings that are alien to our constitutional ideas of due process, equal protection, personal freedom, and property rights.
So, Obama wants to sign a treaty that gives some panel, not authorized by the people of the United States, the power to tax Americans and dictate to Americans just how much energy Americans are allowed to consume for their businesses and their lives. Somehow I'm not feeling the love here. Did Americans knowingly elect a President to sign away American sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution? Did Barack Obama not take the oath to support, defend, and uphold the U.S. Constitution? (The oath was botched and he was subjected to a do-over, as I recall)
And if this isn't bad enough, did Americans actually do anything to worsen the condition of planet earth in the past forty years?

Emails revealed last week from the Climatic Research Unit in Britain proved that the scientists feeding information to the United Nations' International Panel on Climate Change had been manipulating evidence, hiding the truth, and laughing all the way to the bank for years. This information finally shows that lying to get funding research was the norm. It also shows that the assertion that men are to blame for some radical shift in the climate is absurd. It finally exposes the hoax for what it is. It finally exposes Al Gore for what he is, a very clever snake oil salesman who also has been laughing all the way to the bank. The entire reason for the IPCC, the Kyoto Treaty, and the Copenhagen Treaty has been a virtual shakedown of advanced industrial nations.

And finally, this email chain of evidence proves that Americans are not to blame for ruining anyone's planet. While America's population has risen over the past twenty years, our output of pollution has gone down. There is no reason for Americans to feel guilty or pay through the nose for some false data put together by some extortionists for their own gain. Americans can hold their heads up and stop feeling as if we are some scourge on the earth. Americans can be proud of their track record on pollution and stewardship of the earth. America is not a "problem" and should not be held hostage to some ridiculous ransom. Obama needs to get off the Climate Change train because it is heading for a very big crash. And frankly, I think, so is he. The lies are not "sustainable."

There are a multitude of sites holding educated science views on the subject of this Climate Scam. One of my favorites is Junk Science .com - Link located on the right side bar of this blog.

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