Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm tired of double-speak. I'm tired of lies. I'm tired of pretenses put out there to dupe the less sophisticated populace. I'm tired of complicit media. I'm tired of people who are too lazy to think things through claiming they think the government knows best. Let's call the folks in this administration exactly what they are...EXTORTIONISTS.

Think about the classic mafia story. A guy owns a store on Main Street. He is successfully doing business. The mafia decides to take over Main Street. Mafia don hires some thugs to rough up one of the store owners and threaten the store owner's family and business. Mafia don hires another guy in a nice suit who stops by to say he will be happy to "protect" the store owner "for his own good," and allow him to keep his business open for a few c-notes "donated" to the Mafia. The store owner says he's not keen on giving up his money because he needs it for his own family. The mafia don says, "That's fine, but if you don't hand over the dough, we'll take you down." The store owner has no choice and capitulates.
Or the store is on the front page news the next day, having burned to the ground. Or the store owner is found in the street bludgeoned to death. Or the next time the store owner takes his family to the nearest Trattoria, the mafia guys come in with guns blazing and the family is found on the bloody floor with a dozen holes put through them.

Got it now? You hand over the dough or you're a dead man. You hand over the dough or we won't support you. You hand over the dough or you are out of business. You hand over the dough or we will ruin you. Think banks, car companies, insurance companies, and health care. Not greedy enough, the Mafia is now going after energy companies, the internet, radio and newspapers. Our government has become the Mafia.

Welcome to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Amerika, where the government bureaucrats are now using mafia tactics to take over every aspect of American life. The states are being roughed up and told to comply or else, despite the Tenth Amendment. Corporations are being taken-over with stolen money from the tax-payers and told what to pay their executives, what cars to manufacture, what loans to make, and what energy they can use to conduct business. Persons, doctors, and insurances companies are being told to pay up, do what we say, or we will use the IRS to garnish your money. Pay to play politics. It's the same thing as the mafia. It's the same thing the Soviets have done to their people. It's Fascism. It's Socialism. It's Marxism. It's the Mafia.....all dressed up in politicians' cloaks.

Borrowing from one of my online buddy's blogs....Cranky George

"According to section 2531 of Pelosi's near 2000 page tome on health care reform, states can receive incentive payments for implementing alternatives to medical malpractice suits. However, if those reforms include any reduction of attorney's fees or any caps on malpractice awards, the state will be barred from receiving incentive pay (Click to See Full Story: "Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers"). If that isn't deceitful double talk, I don't know what is!"

Arm twisting? You betcha! Mafia don says, "We got the lawyers on our side." You better not try to do what's best for you." "We know what's best for you." "We'll let you conduct your business, but you do it our way or we'll chop you off at the knees." "We'll be happy to take your money, give you back a pittance of it, and then if you don't do what we want you to do, we'll take away that pittance." "Ya got that, America?"

A very smart lawyer once told me that if I were looking for justice in our courtrooms, I'd better be looking elsewhere. It was a cold splash of water in my face at the time. I was sorry to hear it.

It's time for justice, but we will have none because Obama's mafia henchman, Eric Holder is in charge of the Justice Department. The White House tries to shut up Fox News. Rahm Emanuel sends dead fish to his adversaries. Cass Sunstein, Obama's Regulatory Czar, titles his book on this mafia machine, "Nudge." Pelosi and Reid ridicule and demean their opposition to try to shut them up, all the while burdening all of us with trillions of dollars of debt. Maxine Waters threatens the oil companies, "We will socialize you." Barney Frank says he is doing everything he can to "expand the Federal Government." Obama's Science Czar writes a book on forced abortions and sterilizing people through the water supplies. Car dealers' bailouts cost citizens $24,000.00 for each car. The White House is considering "bailing out" newspapers to get their hooks into them. Mark Lloyd, Obama's Diversity Czar, says he will shut down privately owned communication companies by taking all of their operating expenses to fund "public" (read government) communications. The White House sends edicts to the NEA to propagandize Obama's agenda. Rangel laughs all the way to the Caribbean by tax evasion and gets away with it. Ezekial Emanuel and Tom Daschle both have written "cost containment" proposals to withhold medical care from the elderly and children with debilitating illnesses. Behind the closed doors sit Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarrett, Rev. Wright, George Soros, and countless other anti-American mafia cohorts. The list goes on. The plots thicken like the blood clotting on the floor of that restaurant.

It's time to take it back. I will not be happy until I see every damn one of them in orange jumpsuits behind concertina wire fences. People in hell want ice water, too, so I'm not likely to get what I need. Extortion. Now it's legal??? Very clever tool of the devil, the Mafia, and now our government.


  1. The only thing standing in the way of implimentation of these unconstitutional proposed laws are trial lawyers. It is a mistake to chastize those who can prevent deaths that are built into this new national socialism for America health policy.

  2. Berndog..these comments are not clear. If you are suggesting "national socialism" is your preferred method of delivering health care, you are sadly off the mark. You are wrong on the "trial lawyers" only to the extent that they are a constituency of the leftists, hence we have no "tort reform" in the Pelosi or Baucus bills. Trial lawyers, as a category, are on the take and jumping to the tune of Holder and Co. to see how they can get the most out of the current administration. I was pointing out that since our justice system and the ABA are part of the problem (i.e. in the tank for O's insane "social justice"), we are not likely to have unfettered justice anytime soon. The health and well-being of all people is only enhanced by liberty and technology. Socialism kills people. (how many deaths due to Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Kim Jung Il, etc.)