Sunday, November 8, 2009


A Picture is worth a thousand repeat a coined phrase.
I often check out the blog of Al Fin

whose link is on the right side bar of this blog. Insightful and full of great information, some of which is way over my head, it is always interesting. Today he has this graph and the following editorial. (below) All you have to do is look at that graph to realize America is not the villain in this "supposed" CO2 scare that Al Gore and Co. and Obama want to make you think we are. First, I am not at all convinced that CO2 is any kind of a problem, but rather one of the most necessary components of life here on Earth. Having said that, even if it were, you can see that Americans are not the evil culprits of life-damning actions that the Climate Changelings would have you believe. Those are my thoughts....below you can read the great thoughts from AL FIN.
Image via Watts Up With That!?
"Global climate treaties are increasingly aimed at the heart of developed nations in Europe, North America, and Oceania. The leaders of the US, the UK, Australia, and the EU are falling over each other in the attempt to submit their nations to most crippling regime of energy starvation conceivable. Yet it is clear from the chart above, that the US and Europe can not control the rest of the world's carbon emissions.

So the rest of the world accelerates its CO2 spew unhindered by the international climate gestapo. In fact, under proposed new Copenhagen rules, the North America and Europe would have to pay the third world reparations into the $trillions -- while at the same time reducing their own energy output to starvation levels. Why are western leaders so driven to place their nations under such draconian and self-destructive international energy regulations and reparations?

Call it energy anorexia -- the Obama - Pelosi - Brown - Rudd disease. Like anorexia nervosa, energy anorexia is a deadly pathological response to an imagined problem. Energy anorexia threatens the life of the body -- in this case the nation.

There is no greater threat to an industrial economy than the restriction and destruction of its energy base. This tragicomic self-destructive impulse is made all the more pointless by the obvious fact that it will not change anything, in terms of global carbon balances."

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